Better Together CT, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit, located in North Stonington, Connecticut, on a parcel of land which will serve as a working farm and retreat for veterans. It offers veteran retraining programs and is unique in this part of the country. 

Veterans will be trained in cutting-edge aeroponic growing techniques for nutritionally dense micro greens, sprouts, and other healthy vegetables. Training will also be provided in forestry and the newly opened hemp industry.  Other forms of occupational training will be added over time, prompted by the interests of the veterans.

Crops will be made available to farm-to-table restaurants, shared with Senior Citizens in the community, donated to local school lunch programs, and also sold in our own veteran-run farm store and farmers markets. 

The farm and retreat are located directly across the street from The Country Wellness Center. Holistic services are offered in conjunction with medical treatment. A specific emphasis has been placed on modalities that address PTSD and TBI along with chronic illness.

In addition, art classes will be offered to the veterans and community as part of a healing regimen; including drawing, painting, pouring, sewing, collage, ceramics, drumming, and more. A very unique feature of these classes is that their focus will be on having a genuine aesthetic experience while working, the process,  becoming a kind of meditation for the participant.

For a more detailed prospectus click here (PDF).

The Team:

  • Dr. Stefana Pecher – President
  • Nancy Hilton – Treasurer
  • Carolyn Howell – Secretary
  • Aaron Athey – Spiritual Leader
  • Drew Schell – Lead Grower & Director of Veteran Programs
  • Marcello D’Antonio – Marketing & Advertising
  • Mark Moloney – Grounds Keeper